Saturday, March 23, 2013

Strength Train for Trail Running at Runner's World | Runner's World

Training routines to build strength for a comeback tour.

I should have had this article when I ran my first, and only trail run, the Nipmuck trail run.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Depression, Flexibility, and Aging Gracefully


From the beginning of August until about two weeks ago, I was depressed!

My running had been going downhill and not in a good way. Speeds were falling off, distances were falling off.  And I was in constant pain.

After the end of the Cleveland Marathon in May, I had planned to run
  • The Wright Patterson AFB Marathon in Dayton,
  • The Road Runner Marathon in Akron,
  • The Cleveland TowPath Marathon,
  • The Columbus Marathon and
  • Maybe one more, perhaps the Detroit Free Press,  the Florida Space Coast Marathon, or the one in Indy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lactic Acid Management

Today (Tuesday) when I started out, I had planned a track session to work on leg turnover.  Let’s see, do about a three mile warm up, hit the track for a couple of sets of 200s to churn the legs and get that lactic acid burn we all love to feel, and then do a final 4 miles to cool down.

I got through the three mile warm up.  But when I reached the track, I saw that the local middle school Girls Track Team had taken it over.  Actually, it could have been the soccer team or lacrosse team for all I knew.  I saw a lot of young girls milling about on the track, a bunch of parents on the bleachers, and lots of red cones.  No one was running on the track so it must have been an orientation.  However, I didn't feel like being a mook, going over and saying, "Excuse me.  Since you guys aren't running today, could you all move over to the bleachers?  I want to use your track to run a couple of 200s".  Yeah, real mook material here.

Easy Recovery Runs Are Necessary

Took an easy recovery run on Monday.

The day had less of an edge to it probably because I was getting off to a late start with the sun slowly setting.  Part of the reason for the late start was that I ate too late in the day.

It was still warm, but with the sun low in the sky, it didn't feel nearly as oppressive as the day before when I did my long run at high noon.

Water, Dehydration, And The Long Run

Sunday's run was over the 22 mile long T-888.  The day was hot, which seems to be a common theme for the past few weeks.  But somehow, this day was different.  the air seemed sharper, harsher, as if it were saying, "come on out here pal.  I'm gonna work you today".

And it did.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Easy Run Turns Into A Power Run

So today I waffled between doing the hill repeats and going to the track. But it was way to nice outside, the temperature was mild, and I didn't want to do a hard run just yet. So another easy type run was in order.

The first few miles were easy enough. Easy and slow. Then I started opening up the stride. The last 5 miles were done in 42 minutes.

The temperature was in the mid 70s so I could afford to push it a little more. Still, I carried 2 bottles of water and I did need them.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Easy Runs In The Heat

The last two days have been easy, mind-body mending runs. Not running for time--just enjoying the run.

Of course high temperatures and humidity have played a part in the decision making process. When I returned from my run yesterday, I realized that in spite of taking it slow and leaving the watch at home, I still finished up feeling drained.

That's when it hit me like a fist full of quarters that heat does take a toll on the body.