About Me

Larry Prevost is a Dale Carnegie instructor and an IT consultant for Dale Carnegie Training of OH and IN. Before his work with Dale Carnegie, his career included Design Engineering, Technical Support, Systems Administration and Sales Engineering. Larry has worked with a number of companies and with a variety of technologies including High Performance Computing and Enterprise Storage architectures.

In addition to Dale Carnegie, he has worked with Toastmasters Intl, serving in a variety of leadership positions. He has designed and conducted a number of speaking programs for middle schools and for non-profit organizations helping individuals to speak in front of groups, organize their thinking and communicate their ideas. Larry studied Neuro Linguistic Programming with NLP Comprehensive and received his practitioner's certification in 1995.

Larry is an avid runner. He has completed over 40 marathons nationally and internationally including the Boston Marathon, the Montreal Marathon, and the Bermuda Marathon. Larry has also coached several individuals helping them qualify for the Boston Marathon.