Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Easy Recovery Runs Are Necessary

Took an easy recovery run on Monday.

The day had less of an edge to it probably because I was getting off to a late start with the sun slowly setting.  Part of the reason for the late start was that I ate too late in the day.

It was still warm, but with the sun low in the sky, it didn't feel nearly as oppressive as the day before when I did my long run at high noon.

Ran easy.  I didn't really push it because I'm still feeling out the hip, and I had just finished the grueling long run the day before. But the air was wet again today.  So I was back to wringing a gallon of water out of my shirt.  Carried only a single bottle this time and wore the Asics DLs.

Passed the track during the run and there was a lot of activity, even at this late hour. Not sure how many more track workouts I'll get in.  School is starting up and the soccer teams, lacrosse teams and the track teams are taking over the field.  Should be interesting.

Easy run for 1.5 hours in Asics DLs

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