Saturday, August 7, 2010

Easy Run Turns Into A Power Run

So today I waffled between doing the hill repeats and going to the track. But it was way to nice outside, the temperature was mild, and I didn't want to do a hard run just yet. So another easy type run was in order.

The first few miles were easy enough. Easy and slow. Then I started opening up the stride. The last 5 miles were done in 42 minutes.

The temperature was in the mid 70s so I could afford to push it a little more. Still, I carried 2 bottles of water and I did need them.

This is the reason I run without the clock when I'm running to relax, relieve stress and generate ideas. If I know I'm on the clock, I become obsessed with lowering the time and I end up hurting the next day.

I'm gonna hurt tomorrow.

Speed work next week. No clock tomorrow.

2 hours (combined with the warm up and cool down miles) in the Asics 1130s.

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