Friday, August 6, 2010

Easy Runs In The Heat

The last two days have been easy, mind-body mending runs. Not running for time--just enjoying the run.

Of course high temperatures and humidity have played a part in the decision making process. When I returned from my run yesterday, I realized that in spite of taking it slow and leaving the watch at home, I still finished up feeling drained.

That's when it hit me like a fist full of quarters that heat does take a toll on the body.

It's one thing to have knowledge of an activity or an event. I knew about the strain that heat places on a system. I knew about the effects of dehydration, electrolyte loss, an elevated core temperature, and the resulting effects on individual performance.

But there's a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

And after yesterday's run, I had gained wisdom supported by experience.

Well, maybe re-experience. I had been through this all before when I trained back in Boston, and when I ran in the California foothills.

Still, in spite of the drawbacks, I still find something attractive about running in the heat, striding slowly through the miles and running through the warm air.

Perhaps it's the feeling of spontaneity, of being able to get out with little preparation.

Perhaps its the sense of freedom, of just being out in the open moving under my own power.

Or maybe it's the knowledge that in 3 more months I'll be back to cold, wet shoes, frostbitten toes, numb fingers, windburned skin, 20 extra pounds of clothing, and running in the dark.

Yeah, give me the liberty that comes with heat.

Ran another 2 hours in the Asics 1130s, and in the heat.

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