Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marathon Prep Long Run

Ran the 21 mile marathon circuit in 3:43:44. Used the Asics 1130s.

Today was overcast with a fairly low temperature. I got off to a late start, which worked to keep the temperatures low.

Wasn’t sure if I should run the marathon long run today or tomorrow. However, with the threat of a wandering thunderstorm moving in tomorrow, I thought it best to get the long run in today before the rain set in.

At the start, the left leg was stiff and dragging. Had to consciously control my stride and keep it long and open.

The pace was a little slower than the last time I ran this route. On my first lap, I was almost 10 minutes over my previous time. So I guess I was able to pick up the pace on the second round. I still have to squeeze in 5 more miles in this time frame before the Dayton Marathon.

Also, during the second lap, the legs started swinging outward again. I had to maintain conscious control over my stride to keep my feet aligned.

The good thing was that this run was early in the evening. So the setting sun coupled with the high cloud cover kept the temperature at a reasonable level.

I guess maybe that the faster-paced run yesterday probably had an effect on today’s run.

I still have to work on strength in the glutes and upper body strength to maintain form. I’m still falling apart after 19 to 20 miles. Not good form to run a marathon.

And another article on how to get control of your age, or at least reducing it’s affect on our appearances.

From Real Age, Several Foods for Younger Looking Hair.

Maybe I should first grow some!

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