Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Smokin Speed Workout

I was lacking serious running motivation today. Monday was a zero hour day and I knew that I had to get out and run. But the hip was still bothering me and I had spent the majority of the day in a seated position doing data backups and erasing a hard drive.

Still, I had to get on the road and as it is Tuesday, that means either the track or the hill. The hill makes my hip feel better but I opted for the track since my last track workout was almost two weeks ago.

When I arrived, the track was empty and for good reason. The humidity level was off the charts.

Anyway, as I am still getting my feel for speed workouts and my hip feels worse after these bouts, I didn’t want to push the workout. I did six 800s the last time I was on the track, so I figured eight 800s would be in order today. The times are below.

Anyway, while in the middle of my first 800, I noticed an older guy walking his dog along the track while carrying a cup and smoking a very aromatic cigar. The dog appeared to be of the young playful variety and not one of those mad dog killer types, so there would be no external motivation today.

I didn’t pay the guy any mind after my first 800, after my first recovery lap or even after my second 800. However, as I jogged past the guy during my second recovery lap, he smiled and said, “Here you are running while I’m drinking and smoking.”

I thought for a second and then replied, “Well look at it this way: you are keeping the bugs away!”

He just laughed and went on about his business, which consisted of smoking, taking an occasional sip of whatever he had in his cup, and playing with his dog.

After I completed my fourth 800, I noticed the old guy and his dog walking off the track and over the embankment to get back to the road. So long aromatic cigar.

Strangely enough, right after he left was when I started getting bugs caught in my teeth.

The lesson here, if you want to get rid of bugs, dump the OFF! Light up a big stogie instead.

Eight 800s separated by one lap recovery.
  1. 2:51
  2. 2:55
  3. 2:52
  4. 2:53
  5. 2:54
  6. 2:54
  7. 2:53
  8. 2:45
Total time, 1 hour out.

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